Full Day Camps

Full Day Recreational Camps
Monday – Friday ~ 9am to 3pm

These camps are designed for boys and girls ages 5 and older. Our recreational camps are geared toward children, not just gymnasts. Camp is structured around the creation of an end-of-the-week spectacular show for parents and friends.

Each child is responsible for choosing an event and skills to show off during their routine. Coaches assist children in their choreography but encourage independent expression. Kids are welcome to have partners, wear costumes, and design their routines around their favorite gymnastics events. The camp finale starts at 2:30 pm every Friday.


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Full Day Advance Camps – Ages 5+
Monday – Friday ~ 9am to 3pm

Advanced camp is similar to our recreational camps, however more emphasis will be placed on advancing in the sport of gymnastics. A majority of the day will be dedicated toward overall gymnastics training rather then incorporating a variety of additional activities like our recreational camps.

Gymnasts enrolling in Advanced Camp should be current Twisters, Super Stars, Pre-team or Team members. Non-members, Hot-shots, and Islanders may schedule an evaluation with a BIG staff member to make sure this camp is the right fit for them. Advanced campers also participate in the end of the week spectacular each Friday at 2:30pm.Download Camps Schedule

Full Day Parkour Camps
Monday – Friday ~ 9am to 3pm

Is your child always jumping, running and climbing over everything? Are you looking for a fun alternative fitness activity for your child to do? Then you and your child will love Parkour! A very physically thrilling fitness based curriculum that is designed for participants to become stronger, more agile, quicker and efficiently move from one place to another.

All ages and skill levels will learn to safely overcome challenges and obstacle courses by combining a variety of age and skill appropriate movements like running, gymnastics, climbing, vaulting, leaping, rolling and safety fall techniques. Fitness training that is hardcore!! Come conquer your next obstacle in our fully padded facility.

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