Xcel Competitive Program

Our Xcel Program was created to offer a more recreationally based competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. Bay Island provides gymnasts ages 10 & older the opportunity to participate in this wonderful hybrid between recreational and competitive Junior Olympic gymnastics. Gymnasts participating in this program attend fewer competitions, have less of a time commitment and less expenses.

Xcel Levels are a bit different from J.O. because they have more flexibility in their requirements and do not have required set of skills at each level. A gymnast can be working upper level skills on one event and competing at a lower level on all the other events. There is also an option to specialize in one event.

Bronze – Entry level for the Xcel Program, we refer to this level as Hurricane’s at B.I.G. We consider this to be the preteam of the Xcel program.

Silver – Gymnasts perform optional routines that are designed by the athlete and her coach based on her gymnastic skills. These routines are often the same routine for each club and modified to best show the gymnasts strengths. Gymnasts at the Silver level compete in three local competitions and the State Championships each year.

Gold, Platinum & Diamond – Individual optional routines are choreographed for each gymnast. Gymnasts at these levels compete in three local competitions, the State Championships and the Regional Championships each year.